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The exchange of a foreign driver's license

How do I change my driver's license?

A Swiss driving licence is a prerequisite for moving to Switzerland. In accordance with the relevant legal provisions, you have up to 12 months following your arrival to modify your licence.

Two scenarios are possible:

(1) The country that issued your licence is a signatory to a recognition agreement with Switzerland: in this case, you are simply asked to apply to the Swiss Automobile and Navigation Service, which will issue your Swiss licence.

(2) The country that issued your licence is not a signatory to a recognition agreement with Switzerland: in this case, the application to change your licence will be accompanied by a compulsory test run.

It is strongly recommended that you prepare well for this test race in order to pass it successfully, as no other additional exams are possible in case of failure. This will automatically result in the withdrawal of your foreign licence or a ban on its use. You will therefore be asked to start the Swiss licensing procedure all over again.

You will find all the useful information in our section " ".useful links“.


Always a valuable update

Continuous training for safer driving

Updating one's driving knowledge has become inevitable today for the following main reasons:

- increase in road traffic and its density;

- regular updates of legislation;

- technological evolution of vehicles;

- integration of new accessories in vehicles (GPS, mobile phones)

- evolution of driving patterns.

For all these reasons, we recommend that all drivers, both expert and novice (new drivers), for both short and long distances, refresh their knowledge.

Through our continuing education courses, our goal is to give you "booster shots" to give you the confidence and ease to drive safely.


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