favicon-zenlEMERGENCY CARE

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Duration: 10 hours

This is one of the first fundamental steps towards obtaining a driving licence for both car and motorcycle categories: A, A1, B and B1.
Participants learn how to assess an emergency situation, provide for the safety of victims and responders, and practice life-saving actions appropriately. Practical retraining is also offered for those who wish to refresh their knowledge.

At the end of the course, you will receive the first aid certificate necessary for your registration for the theory exam of the Automobile and Navigation Service.



The theory courses prepare you for the compulsory theory exam. They allow you to verify your knowledge acquired throughout your training.

We encourage you to first read the theoretical explanations of the rules of the road, seeking to understand the reasons, meaning and principles. Only in the second stage will it be a question of practicing by answering multiple-choice questionnaires.

We also offer one-to-one lessons that allow you to concentrate precisely and only on the topics you need.


Duration: 8 hours

Another crucial step in obtaining a driving licence, awareness courses allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge of traffic rules but also to technically master your vehicle (car or motorcycle). Awareness courses help, among other things, to foresee and anticipate, as far as possible, sensitive situations and dangers on the road, rather than being subjected to them.


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Driving remains the ultimate challenge: putting your knowledge and emotions into practice to pass your exam.

Learning to drive is done in two distinct phases:

(1) Initially, "know-how": learning to master the technical aspects of the vehicle. The steering wheel, throttle, brake, clutch and gear lever [for a car with a manual transmission] will gradually be used with precision.

(2) Secondly, "savoir-être": paying attention to the environment outside the car. Among other things, it will be about knowing how to observe traffic rules, road users and dangers, in order to adapt our behaviour accordingly, systematically and correctly.


All seasons

Our team welcomes you in a good atmosphere, we teach you all the basics and rules of motor and sailing navigation.

We will do everything we can to ensure that you pass your licence in good conditions. Our school has two motor boats and two sailing boats.

  • An Open Ultramar which is the test boat;
  • A cabin boat for rainy days, allowing us to do the program in the dry;
  • A Dufour 24 habitable, used for rental and sailing licence;
  • A Soling, sport, used only for the sailing license for its great manoeuvrability.

Rates: we offer an hourly rate at 95 CHF and also a 12-hour package at 1000 CHF.